5 Secret Places In Spain Everyone Must Go To

Published on 12/13/2022

Sun, beach and crowds of tourists? It doesn’t have to be. Holidays in Spain can be different! How about hidden waterfalls, picturesque villages and bizarre rock formations instead? Unknown Spain: These 5 places are real insider tips that even most Spanish people don’t know yet.

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5 Secret Places In Spain Everyone Must Go To

Empty Beaches: Cedeira, Galicia

In Galicia you can still find some small spots of untouched Spain. The small town of Cedeira is certainly one of them and should be on your must-see list. In the Rías Altas region, with its fjord-like landscapes, you might think you landed in Norway instead of Spain. Look at the typical Galician architecture of the houses with their large window galleries in the city and then relax on one of the great beaches – because up here in the north you have it almost all to yourself.

Cinematic, unknown Spain: Bardenas Reales, Navarre

The Bardenas Reales Biosphere Reserve between Zaragoza and Pamplona is a place you might not have expected in Spain. A semi-desert with steep slopes, hills, gorges made of clay, sandstone and limestone and steppe landscapes in between. The unique landscape not only attracts hikers, but also serves as a backdrop for various film and television productions. Game of… you know.

Cool off in Lago Azul, Burgos

Located in the Rudrón Valley north of Burgos, this small lake with incredibly turquoise water is the deepest underwater cave in Spain. A real paradise for all explorers, because the cave is still largely unexplored. Of course you need a diving license to explore. But you can of course have a lot of fun in the cool water without it.

Castle and books in Urueña, Valladolid

About 50 kilometers west of Valladolid you will find a very special place. Urueña is still surrounded by the almost completely preserved city wall from the Middle Ages. A trip through the streets of the city to the castle complex is a real journey into the past.

Hands-On Spanish History: Fortaleza de la Mota, Jaén

The Fort de la Mota towers above the city of Alcalá la Real, in the south of the country between Jaén and Granada. Here you can experience Spanish history up close. In addition to the imposing church, you can see the remains of the former Moorish city in the exposed ruins of the complex, in which there was a lot of activity here until the Reconquista of Spain.

Costa del Azahar without the hustle and bustle: Islas Columbretes, Castellón

Untouched nature and a lot of rest on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. You think that’s not possible? That’s okay! The Columbretes archipelago lies off the coast of Castellón de la Plana (north of Valencia). The volcanic islands are a maritime protection area and offer a unique flora and fauna in addition to restful tranquility. Perfect for a day trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the Costa on mainland Spain.

Unknown Spain in the Pyrenees: Lanuza

The small town of Lanuza promises you pure picture book idyll. Located in the middle of the Pyrenees on the banks of the reservoir of the same name, Lanuza was uninhabited for decades. Due to the construction of the dam, the residents had to leave their village. In the meantime, however, that has changed again and today the fantastic location, the beauty and tranquility make up the absolute charm of the little village. If you are traveling in northern Spain, you should definitely make a detour.