7 Packing Hacks You Need To Know

Published on 08/05/2019
Packing Hacks You Need To Know

Packing Hacks You Need To Know

Traveling is always such an exciting ordeal, from exploring new places and getting away from the daily stress, it can be a relaxing and invigorating experience all at once. A not-so-fun part of traveling is, of course, figuring out how on earth to fit everything you’ll need into a suitcase. Packing can be a rather difficult task, especially for longer trips. We decided to try and help you out a little with that. We gathered a few smart packing tips to make your life a little easier when getting ready for a trip!

Roll, Don’t Fold

The first way to save some space when packing is to roll up your clothes neatly instead of folding them. Not only will this save you space, but it will also prevent the clothes from creasing too much. This way, your clothes will be organized and neat and you’ll have more room for other things you’ll need.

Use Contact Lens Cases

Instead of bringing bulky cream or makeup bottles, you can reuse contact-lense cases to bring just the right amount of product you’ll need. This will save you so much space in your luggage and will ensure nothing breaks during your travels.

Grab A Shower Cap

Don’t just toss your shoes into your suitcase. Place them sole-down inside a shower cap and then put them in the suitcase. This will keep them from getting your clothes dirty. You can also put small things inside the shoes like socks.

Carry An Empty Bottle

Water is essential to carry around when traveling, but the problem is that water isn’t allowed on the plane. What you can do is carry a reusable empty bottle with you. At most airports, there are places to fill up water bottles after going through security. This little trick will also save you a little money as you won’t need to spend $3 at every airport on a new water bottle.

Bring A Dryer Sheet

Sometimes when clothes are kept in a suitcase for a prolonged amount of time, they start to smell not so great. The solution to that is simple and easy: just toss a fresh dryer sheet into your suitcase while packing. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Use Cotton Pads

How many times did you have to deal with a broken makeup palette while traveling? Well, those days are over. All you need to do is place a cotton pad inside the palette to cover the makeup and act as a barrier. This way, even if you drop the palette or it gets tossed around during the travel, it won’t break.

Pack A Potholder

If you plan on bringing along your flat iron or curling iron, you should roll it into a potholder to keep it separate from the rest of your things. When you use the iron you’ll be able to pack it in quicker inside the potholder so you don’t need to wait so long for it to cool down. Of course, it’s best to wait until the iron cools before packing it, but this hack is great when you’re short on time.