How To Be Best Prepared For A Long-Distance Flight

Published on 04/28/2021

A long-haul flight is the horror of many long-distance travelers. Flight times of 9-15 hours have to be expected in order to get to the distant desired destination. We have a few tips and tricks that will make your next long-haul flight more enjoyable.

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How To Be Best Prepared For A Long-Distance Flight

Drink Enough Water

If you have a long flight ahead of you, your body needs to be well hydrated. Ideally, you should start hydrating 48 hours before travel. This will thin your blood and make sure your body has enough water available. Also, keep your body hydrated during the flight and drink at least half a liter of water every three hours. Adequate hydration reduces the risk of phlebitis and other thrombosis. You also prevent the eyes and skin from drying out. If you don’t feel like drinking water, green tea is a great alternative. Beer and all other alcoholic beverages and caffeine are not recommended as they promote dehydration.

Eat Light Meals

A light diet is one of the simplest measures for a comfortable flight. Choose salads and white meat and be cautious about the sauces and cheese. If you are concerned that you might be hungry on board, have a small snack before boarding. Whenever possible, stick to your usual meal times to relieve the digestive system. You can also take fruit with you in hand luggage. So you always have a light and digestible snack with you. Remember that gases expand at high altitudes. Therefore, it is best for your digestion if you choose your meals carefully before and during the flight. In this way you take care of your own well-being as well as the well-being of the other guests.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

If you go outside in cold weather, dress warmly. In hot weather, choose light clothing. The right clothing is also required when flying. The dry air in the aircraft alternates between hot and cold. Space is limited and the body is on a roller coaster ride because of the atmospheric pressure, which can also make the stomach swell. If you are prone to circulatory disorders, bring socks or support stockings with you. Remember that these tools are not just for the elderly: circulatory disorders affect all age groups.

Stand Up And Move Around

Standing up regularly is an important measure to promote blood circulation and thus reduce the risk of thrombosis and phlebitis. It also increases your well-being when you move. If you change position frequently, you will feel better in general.

Choose The Right Seat

Pay attention to the information provided by the airlines about seat size and legroom. Even within the same economy class, the space between the seats can be different, depending on the location within the aircraft. Aisle or window? Each choice has its own advantages. The window seat gives you a good view, and you can rest your head better if you don’t have neck support. An aisle seat is useful if you want to get up regularly.