How To Stay Sane During A Long Flight

Published on 08/10/2019
How To Stay Sane During A Long Flight

How To Stay Sane During A Long Flight

Long flights can be a struggle to get through without getting extremely bored. Sitting in one place for so long can be such a frustrating feat. Because of this, we wanted to help you a little by compiling a few tips and tricks to keep you occupied during a long flight.

Watch TV And Movies

When you’re confined to a small space for hours on end, a great way to pass the time is binge-watch a TV series or watch a few movies. While there normally is in-flight entertainment, you might want to charge your devices and download movies and shows since you probably won’t have internet.


Another way to keep you busy is, of course, reading. You can bring an array of books and magazines and get some reading done while you have the time.


Adult coloring books are now a thing, and we must say, it’s amazing. It’s so soothing and therapeutic, and it allows your creativity to flow.

Play Games

Download some games on your phone to play on the flight. Make sure they don’t need the internet to run, but games like Candy Crush can be so addictive and keep you occupied for hours.

Dress Comfortably

Since you will be in a rather uncomfortable space, you should dress comfortably to try and make the best of the situation. This way you won’t be any more uncomfortable than you need to be.


Naturally, the best way to pass the time during a long flight is to sleep. However, you might want to consider bringing along items to help you get a good sleep such as a travel pillow and an eye mask. Even noise-canceling headphones or earplugs can be good if you want some peace and quiet.

Bring Food

As we all know, airplane food is by no means the greatest. So, in order to keep you from getting hungry, make sure to bring some snacks for the flight.


Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water while on a flight. When you’re on a plane, you’re much more prone to dehydration since the air is so dry. Drinking a lot of water can also help out with jetlag.

Listen To A Podcast

If you don’t feel like watching anything or reading, you can always find an interesting podcast to listen to. There is such a wide variety of different kinds of podcasts, you can learn about all sorts of fascinating topics. You can even listen to stories and comedy podcasts. The possibilities are truly endless.

Wear Compression Socks

Since sitting in one spot for a long time can decrease blood flow to the legs, wearing compression socks is a great habit to get into when flying. You can find cute ones on Amazon for a great price. The socks will increase your blood circulation and reduce the risk of swollen ankles.