Why January Is the Best Time to Book A Spontaneous Getaway

Published on 07/29/2019
Why January Is The Best Time To Book A Spontaneous Trip

Why January Is The Best Time To Book A Spontaneous Trip

We’ve all been there, waking up to a frosty January morning and realizing the festive season is well and truly over. Your head might be a little fuzzy, but your spending hangover is real. From all the holiday gifts, to outrageously priced holiday flights, festive parties and cashing in on the December sales, we know your wallet might feel a lot lighter. Still, we have good news, January is low-season and the best time to cash in on some spontaneous travel deals and get the getaway you deserve. And you can also start saving again next month!

Travel Deals

Whilst most people might be still recovering from their post-holiday slumber, you can actually be first in line to get the best travel and airfare deals. If you do your research right, you can really get more for your buck in January. Most travel websites like Skyscanner or Booking offer more affordable and cheaper deals at the beginning of the year. That goes for both airfare and hotels. Usually, this sale period lasts from January 4 through to February 15, when prices begin to pick up.

Book A Spontaneous Winter Getaway

There are some added advantages to travelling off-season. You can beat the January blues and find some great spontaneous last-minute getaway deals that won’t break the bank. If you fancy a weekend break to a colder, winter destination, you can find cheaper deals to expensive cities like London, Oslo, Barcelona. While you can travel on an emptier flight, you can check into a cheaper luxury hotel, and enjoy shorter lines for each of the hottest attractions, restaurants or bars.

Plan Your Summer Trip

If your feeling extra holiday-savvy, you can even grab the opportunity to book a winter getaway to a popular sunny destination. From South Africa to South America or even Australia, you can find amazing deals for long-haul flights during this time. The best part is that once you arrive, most of the tourists will be gone, so again you can enjoy shorter lines to attractions, restaurants and hotels. You could even use the chance to plan and book your actual summer holiday or trips later in the year in advance.

Seriously, January is the prime time to start searching before everyone else does. Just don’t tell everyone else…